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Background Checks with No Gimmicks

Not performing background checks through a quality screening provider can cause risks to: shareholders, the organization and human resources.

At IBC we provide authentic results which are gathered and submitted to our clients each day. This in-person research effort has differentiated our firm from competitors since it gives our customers certain evidence from the original public record or source file itself.

Unquestionably, our firm’s established history is defined by our approach toward daily, legal compliance, ethical conduct, accurate, reliable, and timely background screening results.

In general we just say exactly what we are going to do and then, we do exactly what we said.

Say a company finds out that it is under investigation for possible criminal violations. Its challenge is to figure out the chances that the investigation will result in charges and the possible impact of those charges on its business. All Investigations are not same, there is a difference.

Our expert professionals include Certified Fraud Examiners, Forensic Accountants, Former and local Prosecutors, Law Enforcement Officers and Agents and Trained Investigators.